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Calacatta Sink

Marble sink, a great gift from nature for cleansing the body and mind, it has becoming the most popular fashionable sanitary ware for both residential and commercial decoration in the present time all around the modern world.

Marble Sink is split from a natural block marble stone, carved into a rough sink model sink, then handmade into a smooth polished or honed finish. Marble sinks could be customized into a variety of style, size and shapes. Since the uniqueness and elegance of marble raw material, each marble sink is one of a kind, with unique lines and patterns directly from nature, which give your kitchen and bathroom timeless and luxury feeling. The popular colors are white, black and beige; because they are versatile in decoration, they are loved by the home designers.

Calacatta Bathroom Sink
Calacatta Rectangle Porcelain Sink
Calacatta Gold Integrity Sink
Calacatta Quartz With Farmhouse Sink
Calacatta Marble Vessel Sink
Calacatta Viola Sink
Calacatta Marble Sink
Calacatta Viola Marble Sink
Calacatta Sink