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Calacatta white marble is deeply loved by designers and owners in terms of material, veins and surface finish. It is widely used in the decoration of high-end hotels, high-end villas and high-end leisure places decorative material. Calacatta white marble has the characteristics of weathering resistance, not easy to corrode, durable, beautiful, harmonious and natural, and is widely liked by users.

  1. physical properties of Calacatta white marble:
  2. Bulk density: 2.72g/cm3
  3. Compression resistance: 139Mpa
  4. Bending resistance: 7Mpa
  5. Water absorption: 0.18%
<b>Calacatta Tile Bathroom Floor</b>
Timeless Calacatta Tile
<b>Calacatta Tile Shower</b>
Precious Calacatta Tile
Calacatta Tile Backsplash
<b>Bianco Calacatta Tile</b>
Porcelain Calacatta Tile
<b>Calacatta Tile Bathroom</b>